Personal views
Customizable assigned tasks view
Powerful automated GitHub & GitLab integrations
Workspace views
Spreadsheet, Kanban boards
Calendar views
Gantt chart views
Advanced permissions & privacy controls
Powerful filters (Filter by tags) & search
Cross-functional task creation via multiple lists
Powerful sorting
Reversible actions (easy undo, revert, and archive)
Smartlists: views across teams, across projects
Subsectioning in Kanban boards
Limited options
Forms & templates
Custom attribute types
Rich-formatting task descriptions
Export all activity logs & messages for a task
Full-fledged, real-time chat
Multiple assignees for tasks
First class subtasks
Infinite subtask nesting
Power user features
Dark theme
Customizable keyboard shortcuts
Command palette
Mobile apps
iPhone app (Android soon)
Free plan with unlimited members & guests
Limited to 10 users
Team/Premium plan

Why we think you’ll love Height

Here are a few key features that make Height different from tools like Jira:

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