Campaign planning

From campaign conception to completion, keep your whole team on track with this campaign planning template.

A successful marketing campaign grows awareness and drives new business, but that success starts long before you actually launch your digital ads or hit publish on a blog post.

You need a clear process to stay organized — a campaign planning template will keep your whole team on track from ideation and new campaign requests all the way through to closing the campaign and measuring results.

With Height's campaign planning you can ensure each new campaign hits the mark. Here’s how:

  • Collaboratively brainstorm with your team about new campaigns and have a record of decisions with in-task chat
  • Standardize the way you receive new campaign requests with a customizable task form
  • Stay highly organized with two separate lists: one to house new campaign requests, and one to manage and track existing live campaigns

What is a marketing campaign?

A marketing campaign is a strategic plan to promote a specific product, new feature, initiative, or service. It usually involves one or more channels, like content marketing through blog posts or organic social media posts, paid marketing through things like digital ads or paid newsletter promotions, or a combination of both. Sometimes, marketing campaigns even involve outreach and third-party promotions with influencers or businesses in similar verticals.

Your marketing campaign involves coordination across a variety of places — you’ll need to come up with ideas, request assets from relevant team members (like graphics from your design team and copy from your content writers), identify your goals for each promotional strategy, create a timeline and budget, and figure out how you’ll measure the campaign’s success. It’s a lot to manage at once for one campaign, but most marketing teams are working on multiple campaigns across different stages of the process all at once.

Tracking each of your marketing campaigns can also be difficult because they often occurring across multiple platforms. For instance, you might have campaigns on Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn all running at once. This makes it tricky for the campaign manager to stay organized, but also other teams working on creative assets or copy to know what’s happening and when.

Who is this campaign planning template for?

This campaign planning template is meant for heads of marketing, managers, and marketing teams as a whole to receive new campaign requests, manage all of your campaigns, and stay organized. It’s also especially helpful for marketing agencies. The template will work for teams of any size, so whether your marketing team is brand new or has dozens of members, you’ll be able to start managing your campaigns more efficiently with Height.

How do I start planning and tracking marketing campaigns more effectively?

To create really successful marketing campaigns, you need to standardize the way you plan and track your campaigns from start to finish. Having a set process will keep your whole team aligned and give them one source of truth to work from, which means that all of the messaging, deadlines, and assets for the campaign will also be aligned.

Here are the three steps to start being more organized and running seamless marketing campaigns using Height’s campaign planning template:

  1. Standardize the way you receive and plan new campaigns.

First, you’ll want to set up a clear and simple way for your team members to submit new campaign requests. You’ll want to make sure that you have all of the essential background information about why a campaign is being run, what the goal is, what components it’ll involve, and the timeline. The best way to do this is with a Height Task Form, where you can set clear up-front parameters for every campaign proposal. When someone goes to request a new campaign and submits the task form, it will automatically create a new task with all the answers included. The task form even allows file uploads and attachments, so it’s a comprehensive way to organize all of the key information about a request in one central location. You can also fully customize the form as needed if your team ends up having more specific parameters.

  1. Review campaign proposals in one place and get your whole team aligned on what you’ll do and when.

One of the most important ways to stay organized with campaign planning is reviewing your campaign proposals in a timely manner — this becomes a challenge when details are missing and information is scattered across multiple conversations and platforms. With Height’s campaign planning template, you’ll be prepared to review all of your incoming proposals in your marketing-campaign-inbox list. Once a new campaign request lands in your inbox, you’ll have one central task for reviewing it. You’ll be able to chat right within that task and tag in individual stakeholders or even whole teams with group mentions, like marketing, design, or product — have essential conversations and link other tasks as needed in one campaign hub so everyone feels in the know. It’s also helpful to systemize the way you make requests for campaign assets, and that’s where Height’s creative requests and content requests templates come in especially handy.

  1. Build your campaign library and start seamlessly managing multiple campaigns at once.

As you start managing multiple marketing campaigns across different platforms and channels, it’s often hard to stay organized and know when each campaign starts and ends. With Height’s campaign planning template, you’ll have a separate live-campaigns list with a Gantt chart showing how your campaign timelines overlap and when each one begins and ends. As each campaign finishes, you’ll want a way to easily reference it later for ideas or planning advice on future campaigns. Instead of finding it difficult to sift through campaigns seemingly lost in your workspace, within the template you can use custom attributes like Platform and Campaign type to tag your campaigns. Then, when you want to find a specific one, it’s easy to filter by those attributes and find the inspiration you’re looking for.

How do I get started with the campaign planning template?

Getting started is easy — all you have to do is click “Try in Height.”

If you already have a Height account, you’ll be all set and ready to start customizing your new workflow. If not, welcome! Creating a Height account is free, quick, and easy. You’ll be good to go in just a minute.