We’re thrilled to announce today that Height is now available to everyone as we launch our public access and that we’ve raised our $14M Series A, led by Redpoint Ventures.

Redpoint is joining our other amazing investors, including Matrix, Lightspeed, IA Ventures, as well as many stellar angel investors, like Naval Ravikant (founder of AngelList), Mathilde Collin (founder/CEO of Front), and Alex Maccaw (founder of Clearbit), amongst others.


We started Height because we’d all repeatedly experienced the same issues over and over with other tools:

  • Tasks keep getting out-of-date because it’s too manual and troublesome to update them.
  • Conversations about projects/bugs get lost in 1:1 DMs and general-purpose channels.
  • Cross-functional work is hard to manage and plan when teams are isolated from each other in different tools.

The collaboration space today is also incredibly fragmented. We’ve seen product & engineering using Jira, marketing on Asana, design using Dropbox Paper, and legal teams relying on email inboxes — all within the same company. This makes it hard for people to work together efficiently, and for leaders to have a good overview of what their teams will accomplish.

We’ve built Height to solve these problems: to act as the source of truth for all a company’s projects, by staying up-to-date as work happens.

Tasks act as the central hub for your work, with real-time, contextual conversation support. Height also seamlessly aggregates information about your project from wherever it happens (e.g. GitHub, GitLab, Figma, Zendesk, …). Additionally, Height is so flexible that any team can implement their unique workflows on it, enabling the whole company to move faster and more cohesively, in one shared tool.

Height’s task chat is a killer feature — I now can’t imagine working without it. Lists (and smart lists in particular) unlock a totally new way to organize your work that dramatically simplify and side-step a lot of issues I’ve experienced in other tools. — Arya Asemanfar (Runway co-founder & CTO)

Height not only adapts to you and your team’s way of working, but also is built to evolve with your company. As you grow your team, Height grows right alongside you so you can create a more interconnected company.

I’ve been LOVING Height these past few weeks. Was just telling my cofounder today how amazed I am at how powerful it is + how many use cases there already are across Cocoon for Height. There are certain applications I hadn’t even thought about Height for e.g. employee onboarding but turns out it’s a perfect tool! — Mahima Chawla (Cocoon co-founder & CEO)


Today we’re releasing Height in public access: any team, anywhere, can start using Height to manage their tasks and projects. This launch has been a long time coming: the project management space is a mature one, and people have come to expect a feature-rich experience for keeping track of their work.

Over the past two years since we started our private access beta, we’ve been busy shipping an incredible number of new features and improvements — by our count, at least 162 new features & major improvements and 822 (!!) small user-facing improvements.

Although there is still so much more we want to do and build, we’re ready to come out of private access today because the response has been hugely validating: we have a tool that’s working and helps people get their jobs done. From 600+ person companies like Fivetran, to rapidly growing startups like Clubhouse, Mighty, Transcend, and Watershed, to super exciting early stage startups like Ambrook, Reflect, Runway, and Cocoon all have come to rely on Height to manage their work.

We’ve been using Height at Clubhouse for the past year, and we love it! — Rohan Seth (Clubhouse co-founder)
Some of our early customers
I love Height’s data model, it’s simple and flexible. We’ve been able to build some cool stuff on top of it in our Looker dashboard and just generally encoding workflows into a task management system has made those workflows more efficient and well defined. — Michael Farrell (Transcend CTO)

What’s next

We’ve been a small but mighty team of 9. Even though we’re a bit in awe of how much we’ve been able to accomplish with such a small team, we’re now ready to grow our team.

If you’re interested in building a project management tool that people actually enjoy using, if you enjoy complex problems and building polished user experiences, come talk to us!

And check out our new website here.

By Michaël Villar on September 29, 2021.

Michael Villar
Sep 29, 2021