Status collections

We've made it easier than ever to support different workflows across your company in Height with status collections ✨

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Set up a new status collections for different teams or workflows. For example, you can create a design status collection with design-specific statuses like "Wireframing", and only see those for your design tasks.



Respond to chat messages on-the-go, just by replying directly to your task email notifications 📧


Improvements & bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where setting assignees = none doesn't show up correctly in the UI.
  • Improved usernames in activity log updates to be clickable.
  • Combined new user tips emails for members into one email.
  • Fixed a bug where duplicate attributes could get created when importing a CSV.
  • Added Height to
  • Fixed a bug where the view menu option "Always show To do and Done" was not toggleable.
  • Fixed a bug causing unexpected results to show up in full text search.
  • Fixed a bug where smart lists couldn't be saved as Calendar visualizations.
  • Fixed a bug where an update to the billing plan wasn't being reflected in the app.
  • Fixed an issue where CSV imports could create attributes with empty-string values.
  • Added support to see the name of the task, not just its ID, in linked task type attributes like, "Blocked by" or "Parent task".
Kat Li
Oct 29, 2021
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