Find your drafts in one place

Looking for your task description and message drafts? Find them all in your Drafts page from the sidebar.

Reducing the noise of chat

When you make several changes to a task, they’ll be summarized into one activity to help reduce the noise in chat and make it easier to see what matters.

And if you change the same attribute multiple times in short order, you can expand the summary to see each change in more detail.

Improvements & bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the task form picker doesn’t resize correctly when filtering through them.
  • Added pagination to Inbox.
  • Fixed an issue with GitHub context menu rendering.
  • Fixed a bug where having URLs in task names could hide options.
  • Fixed an issue where users could see the wrong number of active lists in billing plan modals.
  • Added support for Esc to dismiss task modals.
  • Fixed a bug where tasks disappear from search when trying to rename them.
  • Added support for Assignees being optional when creating new tasks from Sentry.
Kat Li
May 19, 2022