• Added support for Cmd+f to search in page when in edit mode of task descriptions or message drafts.
  • Fixed a bug where closing the task preview while in columns layout resets to tabs layout.
  • Added + button to Kanban boards to show / hide more columns.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented people from being able to drag & drop files into task chat to upload them.
  • Unified the list more ( ... )menu with task's more ( ... ) menu.
  • Fixed a bug where dropdown menus for attribute inputs sometimes had overlapping text after resizing the window.
  • Added support for "Sort by" to the task name column in spreadsheets.
  • Fixed a bug where opening task previews with messages opens to the middle of the chat conversation instead of to the latest messages.
  • Fixed an issue where scrollbars were always showing on chat bubbles when using a mouse with a scroll wheel.
  • Fixed an issue with the task name editor not indenting correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with the fullscreen search page error message.
  • Disabled setting return as a custom shortcut.
  • Added support for next in date filters to do things like "Due date is before next Wednesday".
  • Added support for using underscores ( _ ) in auto-generated branch name formats.
  • Fixed the alignment of the "No date" column in calendar views.
  • Improved performance for large teams when assigning people to a task, or adding/removing lists to a task.
Kat Li
Dec 10, 2021
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