Task forms 2.0 🔆

Task forms have gotten a glow-up, and are now question-based forms 🔆

New supported features include:

  • Add a description to forms
  • Mark questions as optional or required
  • Set an icon & color for forms
  • Add predetermined attributes and auto-created subtasks to forms
  • Archive (and restore!) forms

Add a button to a relevant task form right from a list view

With customizable toolbars, add task form buttons directly to your lists to make it easy for people to file bug reports, requests, and any other type of task 💫

Discord integration

Connect your Discord workspace to enable your team to work across Discord & Height. The Height bot can join public channels to do things like:

  • See task previews in Discord when you post a URL or unique task ID and message previews in Height when you post a Discord permalink.
  • Create new tasks directly from Discord slash commands.
  • Automatically cross-post messages mentioning a task from Discord to Height.

Filter by parent tasks

Looking for a specific subset of subtasks? You can now use “Parent task” as an option whenever filtering tasks.

screenshot-1240x720 - 2022-03-16T144344.098.png

Improvements & bug fixes

  • Added support for migrating v1 task forms to v2.
  • Apps can now control if they want to offer users workspace-level access, user-level access, or both, in specific scoped contexts.
  • Improved the attribute color selector to make it easier to find the right color.
  • Added support for manually reordering Kanban tasks via drag & drop, even when the task is open in a preview panel.
  • Added support for reordering parent tasks in Kanban boards via drag & drop, even when only their subtasks are in a specific column or section.
  • Added a heads-up message for why you can’t manually reorder tasks in a Kanban list when it’s using a Sort by.
  • Added support for manually editing Completed by, Completed at, and Created by .
  • Added support for selecting a date range for date-type attributes in filters.
  • Added additional options for hyperlinking text: paste a link on selected text, select text and hit Cmd+k, or select a URL and hit Cmd+k.
  • Added the ability to customize Markdown formatting shortcuts.
  • Fixed Ctrl+k in text inputs.
  • Added support for setting a Parent task for tasks created via task forms.
  • Renamed “option” and multiple option” attribute types to “single select” and “multi-select”.
  • Added support for using natural language like, “Today” or “Tomorrow” when setting date-type attributes, like Due date.
  • Added support for showing the full URL in the desktop app when hovering over URLs.
  • Fixed an issue where Sort by doesn’t correctly resize when changing attributes.
  • Delineated which attributes are default ones and which are Custom in Product settings → Attributes.
  • Added a visual indicator that attribute activity logs are Enterprise plan features.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a 404 when creating a new task on an archived list.
  • Fixed an issue that caused task previews to not correctly show when mentioning a task on another task.
  • Added support for invalidating your cache from the sidebar.
  • Updated the “This list has unsaved changes...” banner to make it more visually apparent that it affects other workspace users.
  • Fixed a bug where task forms that create new tasks on archived lists weren’t automatically disabled.
  • Fixed a bug where creating a new task from the Preview task form modal added it to the task form’s subtasks.
  • Fixed an issue with date-type attribute colors not being consistent.
  • Added a placeholder answer for multi-line description answers in task forms.
  • Fixed a bug where the value for filters in recent searches wasn’t correctly saved in recent searches.
  • Added support for jumping directly to a task’s chat, description, or subtasks tab from Command.
  • Fixed text wrapping issues with the placeholder text in task forms.
  • Fixed an issue where opening the task form of a long form jumped to the end, instead of its beginning.
  • Updated the formatting and sectioning of attribute input dropdowns to be consistent across the app.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented you from being able to save a status with the same name as one in another status collection.
  • Added additional privacy for private tasks mentioned in GitHub pull requests, commits, and branches.
  • Fixed the icon shown for a parent task in task preview panels and pages.
  • Fixed an issue where invalid searches were being saved in the recent searches options.
  • Fixed an issue where the URL still contained ?filters after navigating away from a saved search.
  • Fixed a UI issue when creating subtasks in spreadsheets.
Kat Li
Mar 24, 2022