Attribute locking 🔒

As part of our Enterprise plan offering, lock your attributes to prevent unintentional changes. Locking an attribute disables editing it — no changes to its name, options, or settings — until unlocked.

You can even optionally pick a task form for people to use to request changes to the attribute while it’s locked.

Task preview modals

Open tasks mentioned in other tasks as new preview modals to stay in the right context.

See new subtasks in chat

When a new subtask is created, you’ll see an update in the chat of its parent task, making it easy to know when new work is added.

Improvements & bug fixes

  • Added support for case insensitive replies to emails.
  • Fixed an issue where the search page doesn’t redirect when refreshed.
  • Added info in chat to make it clear when a task was created via a task form.
  • Fixed an issue that caused search URLs to not always be shareable.
  • Fixed an issue where the hover menu over chat messages hides mentioned task links.
  • Fixed a bug where reading messages in task modal previews didn’t mark the message as read by you.
  • Fixed an issue where “Search” showed up multiple times when searching for a list with # in a task name.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the app to crash when opening smart lists with too many filters.
  • Fixed an issue with the hover state of list names getting clipped.
  • Fixed an issue where replying to a long chat message didn’t let you scroll through your message in preview mode.
  • Fixed an issue with creating and saving new subtasks in task forms.
  • Fixed a bug where deleted tasks still showed in the Command palette.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented you from being able to drag and drop long Kanban columns.
  • Fixed an issue with custom toolbars in mobile web.
  • Updated the “This list has unsaved changes” face pile to not show avatars of users who don’t have access to the list.
  • Added help text to explain the “Use colors” setting for date-type attributes.
  • Disabled archiving the #general list.
  • Fixed an issue with exact task index not showing up as the first result when searching for tasks.
  • Added support for reordering tasks via the API.
Kat Li
Apr 8, 2022