Work together better. Get Height.

Collaborate faster with real-time tasks, chat, and adaptive workflows.

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Why you’ll love using Height.

Manage tasks faster than ever.

Create tasks and subtasks inline with a powerful spreadsheet interface.

Then keep your tasks up-to-date with inline editing, multi-select and shortcuts.

Discuss tasks in context.

Resolve and record product questions quicker, with real-time chat within tasks.

Supports markdown, images, videos, code, Figma and more.

Customize your workflows.

Never be constrained. Mold Height at your will — to work your own way.

Made possible by custom attributes, smart lists, group by, filters and ordering.


Adapts to you and your team.

Every team is different.

That’s why Height can be customized to accomodate any workflow you use.

Your team and workflows can change; Height will adapt to them.


Super productive.

Join the speed revolution.

Access everything with Height Command and keyboard shortcuts.



For developers.

Keep your team up-to-date without leaving GitHub.

Link tasks to pull requests and commits, automatically close tasks, copy a branch name from a task, and more.

For designers.

Tasks always reflect your latest designs.

Figma previews update in real-time, so you don’t need to send recurrent updates.


What platforms are supported?
Height is available on the web (all major browsers supported). We also have macOS and Windows apps.
What’s our pricing?
We have a free plan, as well as a standard paid plan (per-seat pricing). More info in the app.
How do we decide to send beta invites?
Beta invites are available on a first come, first served basis. For faster access, you can ask someone already using Height to refer you.
Are we here to stay?
Yes, we are funded by several of the best angel investors and venture capitalists in Silicon Valley.
Where do I learn more?
We are posting regular updates on our Twitter account: @height_app.

Height is currently in invite-only stage.
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