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Real-time tasks, chat, and powerful customization to get everyone on the same page.

Build new marketing website
Implement reacjis within chat
Plan public launch
We've raised our Series A
We've raised our Series A
The Redpoint Ventures team is joining our roster of stellar investors 💜

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Record what needs to get doing and key details like who’s taking care of what, by when.

Built for all teams

Height is where cross-functional team collaboration happens.

GitHub & GitLab integration

Keep tasks up-to-date, automatically by linking tasks to commits, branches, and pull requests.

Issue tracking

Track and prioritize bugs to make sure they get fixed fast.


Organize work into sprints, milestones, releases, etc to keep teams on the same page.

George Fraser

We’ve been using Height for the last couple years at Fivetran and it’s fantastic! Nobody else has though as deeply about what a great task manager should be. Heights superpower is that it can support different workflows for different departments within a single tool.

Indragie Karunaratne

We’ve been using Height @spectodev for the past 2 years and it’s a great tool, built by people who care about the details.

Michael Farrell
Transcend CTO

I love Height’s data model, it’s simple but flexible. We’ve been able to build some cool stuff on top of it in our Looker dashboard and just generally encoding workflows into a task management system has made those workflows more efficient and well defined.

Rohan Seth
Clubhouse co-founder

We’ve been using Height at Clubhouse for the past year, and we love it!

Siqi Chen

When we started @runwayco a year ago, we tried at least a dozen PM tools, from the latest and greatest to the tried and true.

We ended up with @height_app, and loved it so much I invested.

If you haven't tried it yet, today is a great day to find out what you've been missing.

Alex Maccaw

I use Height every-day and LOVE it. Congrats @michaelvillar and team!

Devon Govett

We’ve been using Height to manage tasks in the Parcel core team for a while, and I must say, this is one of the most polished web apps I’ve ever used. Native quality interactions and attention to detail. More like this please! 👍

Congrats on the launch @michaelvillar & team! 🥳

Kasra Kyanzadeh

We've been using Height for task tracking at Watershed for the past ~year and it's been great. Flexible data model + lots of delightful UI touches.

If you make web products, take it for a spin -- one of the best designed apps I've used lately.

Amber Feng

🎉 I love Height: imagine the granularity of JIRA + custom views of Airtable, all with the ease of creating a checklist in Notion or Dropbox Paper.

Congrats team (launch twins!), we are extremely happy users!

Pratik Sagar Mishra

The best thing that happened to project/task/todo management.

Congrats on the milestone team 👏

Super productive

Access everything across Height with Command and customizable keyboard shortcuts.

Adapts to your workflows

No matter how your team likes to works — with sprints, with milestones, with recurring tasks, or none of the above — Height is flexible and powerful enough to adapt.


100+ features

Everything you need to build your team’s workflows and ship projects faster: custom attributes, subtasks, search, private tasks, Command-K, customizable shortcuts, macOS & Windows apps, and more.


Connect your existing workplace tools to increase productivity across the entire company.

Read more about integrations

Or, build your own with the API and webhooks.

Read our API documentation
Arya Asemanfar

We’ve been using @height_app for over a year. No matter what tool you’re using, you should check out Height - task chat will change the way your team collaborates.

Matt Galligan.eth

We’ve been using @height_app internally at @xmtp_ and it’s been a pleasure.

Favorite parts have been: - Subtasks as first class citizens - Spreadsheet-like layout option - Tasks can associate with many lists - Chat-like discussion on tasks

Try it out as it’s out now!

Eric Anderson

Height is very legit. It’s all the best parts of the spreadsheet paradigm turned into a project management tool. Plus built-in per task chat.

Ultra flexible. Super easy to use. And very fast.

Mackenzie Burnett
Ambrook Founder & CEO

Our team uses Height as our primary task tracker for eng and product, and really loves it!


We use Height as our primary tool for managing all projects and almost all our open communication as a remote company. Its best feature is that every task has a chat room to keep a single thread of context.

I am a diehard of only a few products but this is one.


We use @Height_App for many things at @transcend_io but I love it for capturing our integrations roadmap and stack ranking priorities for the Partnerships team. Highly recommend it to any other folks managing tech partners!

Guillaume Hubert

@height_app is out. After using it for a year at our company: it changed our lives. Seriously, go get it.

Mahima Chawla
Cocoon Co-Founder & CEO

I’ve been LOVING Height these past few weeks. Was just telling my cofounder today how amazed I am at how powerful it is + how many use cases there already are across Cocoon for Height. There are certain applications I hadn’t even thought about Height for e.g. employee onboarding but turns out it’s a perfect tool!

Jesse Herlitz
Product Manager at Transcend

I’ve used height every day for the last couple years as a paying customer at and - it’s wonderful and I’ve come to rely on it. Don’t hesitate to give it a go.

Vincent Le Moign
Streamline CEO

We've used Height for almost two years for our Streamline app project and we love it! Flexible, minimal, and lighting-fast ⚡️

Alma Madsen
Cofounder & CTO at Workona

We've been using Height for quite a while and absolutely love it! We were using Jira for a time after trying out many of the modern project management tools out there and having them all fall short. Eventually we made another pass at the market and stumbled across Height and got early access. And the game was changed! It's been the perfect blend of simple and powerful for managing our sprints and other work across the organization. Well done, Height team, well done!

JP Boily
Founder at Metrics Watch

We moved to Height a few months back and really, really love the product!

It is super flexible while not being cluttered. Their smart views that let you see what you want across multiple lists with filters is a game changer! 👌