Set icons for tasks

Just like with your lists, you can now add icons to represent your tasks.


Refreshed new task modal, with shortcuts to forms

We’ve updated the new task modal ( c ) to include shortcut to create a new task from one of your workspace’s forms.


Improvements & bug fixes

  • Added support for searching through secondary level commands from Command, including to pages within Settings, changing visualization, and switching between dark and light themes.
  • Fixed a bug where Command → New task form wasn’t clickable.
  • Fixed an issue where creating new tasks from Slack wasn’t showing list options.
  • Fixed a bug where the remove unfurl button was showing up unexpectedly in task descriptions.
  • Fixed an issue where the Recently opened section in sidebar would appear and disappear.
  • Fixed an issue with long task name alignment in Kanban parent tasks.
  • Fixed an issue where unfavoriting a list from your sidebar didn’t stick.
  • Fixed an issue with scrolling in Settings.
  • Fixed an issue where users weren’t always correctly receiving task notification emails.
  • Fixed the alignment of search modal results when there are no icons.
  • Greyed out the Save and Save as buttons from the unsaved changes banner for workspace guests.
  • Fixed a bug where duplicate attributes were being created for Jira Cloud and CSV imports.
  • Fixed a bug where canceling status input editing can reverts another user’s recent status change.
  • Fixed an issue where text in chat could overlap when there are link unfurls.
Kat Li
Jan 7, 2022
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