Edit due dates from Command

Set and edit date attributes like "Due date" or "Start date" from the Command+k keyboard palette.


Improvements & bug fixes

  • Added support for removing unfurls in task descriptions.
  • Fixed a bug where opening a task preview with messages is opening to the middle of the chat instead of to the most recent messages.
  • Fixed a bug where the "New messages" indicator was showing even when scrolled to the latest messages.
  • Fixed an issue where the "New messages" indicator was showing underneath the most recent timestamp.
  • Fixed a bug where user avatars' outline has a white background against hovered chat messages only some of the time.
  • Fixed a bug where Esc wasn't unselecting tasks in the task list.
  • Fixed a bug where edited messages have non-vertically centered text.
  • Fixed a bug where scrolling through attributes resets scroll.
  • Fixed a bug where editing a date from Command in Kanban caused the task card to show above the Command modal.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes you couldn't exit a task preview while in fullscreen search.
  • Fixed an issue where "Shared with others" had an unnecessary context menu.
  • Fixed an issue where date filters have an off by 1 issue.
  • Fixed an issue where shortcuts using alt weren't working in Command.
  • Fixed a bug where Jira imports were creating duplicate attribute labels.
  • Added support for naming lists things like "#api".
Kat Li
Dec 17, 2021
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