Personal views
Customizable assigned tasks view
Customizable pull request linking in GitHub & GitLab
Workspace views
Spreadsheet, Kanban boards, and Calendar views
Gantt chart views
Advanced permissions & privacy controls
Cross-functional task creation via multiple lists
Powerful filters (Filter by tags) & search
Powerful sorting
Reversible actions (easy undo, revert, and archive)
Smartlists: views across teams, across projects
Subsectioning in Kanban boards
Forms & templates
Custom attributes
Multiple assignees for tasks
First class subtasks
Full-fledged, real-time chat
Rich-formatting task descriptions
Infinite subtask nesting
Export all activity logs & messages for a task
Full data exportPartial data export
Power user features
Dark theme
Customizable keyboard shortcuts
Command palette
Mobile apps
iPhone app (Android soon)
Free plan with unlimited members & guests
Team/Premium plan

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