Candidate tracking

Hiring great talent starts with being organized — this candidate tracking template makes staying organized easy.

To attract and hire the best talent, you need to stay organized throughout the recruiting and hiring process.

Whether you’re collecting applications yourself or working with an external recruiting firm, a candidate tracking template makes it seamless to create and track new candidates through every stage, from resume review to signed offers.

Height’s candidate tracking template allows you to see in a glance where the state of your hiring pipeline, making it easy to stay on top of many candidates and hiring phases.

Here’s how:

  • Gather all the information you’ll need about each candidate in one consolidated spot with a task form
  • Sort candidates into the appropriate hiring stages, with easy-to-navigate visual previews
  • Easily see the next steps for each candidate so you can take action and keep everyone on track

Why should you systemize your candidate tracking?

Systemizing the way you track candidates keeps you organized so you don’t miss anything or let a strong candidate slip through the cracks. You need an efficient way to track every viable candidate through each step of the funnel — that way, you’ll maintain tight SLAs and keep your company’s recruiting brand strong.

Tracking your candidates in a project management tool (like Height!) lets you track everything right where your interviewers are already working, so it’s one less tool to check. This means you’ll get faster responses from your interviewers and have tighter timelines for getting feedback. Even better, you can link individual hiring tasks and action items to each candidate so everything stays on-track.

With a candidate tracking template, you’re able to collect information about candidates, track all potential hires in one place, update progress throughout the interview process, and even stay organized with accepted, countered, and rejected offers. Hiring a new team member takes time (in fact, it takes almost 24 days on average to hire one new employee!), so keeping information organized for the entire length of time is essential.

Who is this candidate tracking template for?

This candidate tracking template is meant to help human resources professionals, recruiting teams, and hiring managers stay organized with every candidate throughout the hiring process. Whether you’re handling hiring yourself, working with an external recruiting agency, or a combination of both, the template will work for you.

How do I start tracking candidates more effectively in Height?

With a candidate tracking template, you’ll be able to easily see where each candidate is in the hiring process, and even house key details and notes throughout every stage right within a candidate’s profile task.

Here are the three steps to streamline your candidate tracking with Height’s template:

  1. Collect key information about new candidates with a customizable form.

First, you’ll want to set up a clear and simple way to submit new candidates. The best way to do this is with Height’s Task Form feature, which will automatically create a new task for you whenever the form is submitted. The form includes standardized questions to help you collect essential details, including the candidate’s name, role and department, resume and cover letter files, phone interview date (if scheduled), and referral type and background. You can also fully customize the form to make it reflect what your team values most — maybe you asked candidates to submit video introductions and need a spot to link them, or you want a separate category for potential internal promotions and hires. Anything’s possible!

  1. Stay organized by sorting your candidates into stages of the hiring process and filtering from there.

Within the candidate tracking template, you’ll be able to visually sort all of your candidates into different stages of the hiring process. These are easy to distinguish and move around with Kanban board view. Within each status-based section you’ll also be able to quickly see candidates for each department. You can use smart lists and filters to easily see the information you’re looking for — for example, filter to see all of the product designers scheduled for first-round interviews. This is especially helpful when there are a lot of candidates to review at once!

  1. As you move candidates through the process, house all discussion and notes in one central spot.

When you move a candidate from one stage to the next, it’ll only take one click to keep your candidate tracker up to date. And as you move through the process, you can add notes and follow-up questions right on the task for that specific candidate with our real-time chat. You can even ping other key decision-makers with comments or questions and have a written record of those conversations, as well as the full context ready for any future team members.

How do I get started with the candidate tracking template?

Getting started is easy — all you have to do is click “Try in Height.”

If you already have a Height account, you’ll be all set and ready to start customizing your new workflow. If not, welcome! Creating a Height account is free, quick, and easy. You’ll be good to go in just a minute.