Creative requests

Manage incoming creative requests effortlessly with this creative requests template.

For designers and creatives, the fun is in getting to create — but staying organized is essential to ensure no design requests slip through the cracks.

Finding the right process for receiving and tracking requests allows your creative team to prioritize what they do best without spending valuable time each week tracking down information.

Height’s creative requests template ensures design teams receive new creative requests with the necessary context they need, while also streamlining added dialogue around the requests into one organized place.

Here’s how:

  • Receive requests from your team members with custom task forms and gather all the information you need up-front
  • Assign new requests to the right designer and sort into different status categories
  • Prioritize creative requests by due date, request type, impact, and more

What are creative requests?

Creative requests are when someone asks a designer to create assets, including project images, illustrations, logos, social media graphics, and more. Multiple coworkers across teams might make creative requests for design work. Whether a content marketer requests a blog header graphic, or a product marketer needs images for an upcoming feature release, managing multiple requests at once can be challenging.

Who is this creative request template for?

This creative requests template is meant for design and UX teams to stay on top of new asks and prioritize work more effectively. Whether your team has three members or hundreds, the template will work for you — it’s designed for teams of any size.

How do I manage creative requests more effectively?

Managing creative requests can be a seamless process. When you establish a clear workflow for submitting and triaging asks, your entire team will be less stressed. Everyone can plan and prioritize effectively, and spend more time on the work that matters rather than going back and forth on requests. Here’s how you can start managing incoming work more effectively with Height’s creative requests template:

  1. Set up a submission form that collects key information about new requests.

The first step to a more streamlined creative request process is setting up a clear, compact way for your coworkers to submit design requests. In Height’s creative requests template, this is done through a task form, which auto-populates a new task each time the form is submitted. In one task, capture the name of the request, a description of what’s needed, and when it should be completed. You can also customize the form however you like.

  1. Visualize work by status and project type.

In this creative requests template, you’ll be able to organize requests into multiple statuses: Inbox, More info needed, In progress, In review, Done, and Won’t do. This visual breakdown makes it easy to see what’s going on at-a-glance, and reprioritize as needed.

  1. Triage new requests

As new requests begin to fill up in your Inbox you can begin to triage by assigning tags for specific request types and attaching any related existing work with Linked tasks.

  1. House all design conversations in one central location.

Receiving feedback on your design work is key before handing off your deliverables. Instead of hopping between platforms and having conversations in multiple spots, use in-task chat to house conversations and tag in the right teammates for feedback. Even better, use Height’s Figma integration to update tasks and leave comments on designs without having to flip between both tools.

How do I get started with the creative requests template?

Getting started is easy — all you have to do is click “Try in Height.” If you don’t have a Height account yet, you’ll be prompted to create your free account (it’ll only take a minute or two).