Task management

Plan, organize, and manage your projects in one place.
Create lists for each project to track tasks that need to get done and favorite teammates you work with closely.

Sprint planning

Stay focused by prioritizing the most impactful work.
Plan & manage a sprint with multiple teammates by creating lists for themes and joining them together as a smartlist to visualize progress across the team.

Working with clients

Manage multiple projects with many stakeholders and varying timelines.
Create lists for different projects and clients to keep them straight. Add clients to a list to give them visibility into project progress.

Product launches

Connect & coordinate cross-org to launch new products without a hitch.
Enable people across the org to collaborate on a product launch by adding tasks to both team lists and the product launch list.

Requests inbox

Track, prioritize, and assign inbound requests in one place.
Send people to a team inbox list to add questions and requests and move them into a private team prioritized list after triage.


Plan, visualize, and share the vision for your product over time.
Highlight key company priorities and projects by pulling individual projects from teams' lists into one product roadmap.

Project management

Communicate progress and build momentum each step of the way.
Organize projects into clear, discrete stages, and choose which projects to see in a Kanban board vs. a grid list.

Bug tracking

Track and prioritize bugs to make sure they get fixed fast.
Pull together bugs from every part of your product into one list to prioritize and triage accordingly.


Develop, test, and ship new versions of your product from start to finish.
Shepherd a release from development to deployment with lists per version, a backlog, and a smartlist combining all upcoming versions.


Run live brainstorming sessions with your teammates to come up with and record new ideas & solutions.
Hold virtual brainstorming sessions with ideas tracked in one place and shared into the roadmap after triaging them.


Pull together status updates & reports for management, clients, and other stakeholders.
Use smartlists to easily summarize recent progress and successes across multiple projects.


Rally your team around a key upcoming goal and what it takes to hit it.
Communicate a shared goal and align your team with lists per milestone and a smartlist pulling them into one at-a-glance project view.

Reusable templates

Reuse premade to-do lists for new hire onboarding, product launches, marketing events, and more, in a snap.
Create reusable template lists to copy to easily kickstart a new project, whether it be new hire onboarding or coordinating a marketing event.


Organize recent updates, bug fixes, and improvements to share in change logs or release notes.
Use smartlists to identify recently completed tasks from various projects to prepare release notes or run a sprint retrospective.